Why Iranian burn Obelisk ?

Why Iranian Burn Obelisk ?

There is lot of questions about this action from the beginning and it has many reason ; In this article after introducing obelisk as a symbol and checking the status of obelisk symbol in the world and in some religions ,the reasons of it’s burning will be explained so that the questions about it is going to be answered perfectly !



In the Name of Allah
Why Do Iranians Burn Obelisks?

In February 2011, young Iranians astounded the world by a move that no one had even thoughtabout in the entire world.On the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran on the lOnd of February 2011, an obeliskwas burnt as a symbol of SatanThis great move in the recent years was followed by a larger reflection and made the Iranianyouth a symbol for the whole wide world.

But what was the Cause of this Move and why is Iran its Origin?

To answer this question, one should examine what obelisk represents among Muslims, becauseIran is an Islamic country and Islam leads the direction of its movement.

Ramy aI-Jamarat – Stoning of the Devil

The answer lies within an event that took place many years ago, when Prophet Abraham (AS)was ordered by Allah to sacrifice his son Ishmael (according to the Holy Bible, the sacrifice wasIsaac). Abraham (AS) trusted God and walked towards the altar with his son. This was a test forthem so that a bright future would be given to them as a reward. Therefore, Satan was terrifiedof the Divine gift of God and tried to prevent them from executing God s  Will; Satan appearedthree times in three different locations in front of Abraham, to defeat him using his weakness asa father. But the prophet, who had a firm faith in God’s Will and no word but that of God s  hadan effect on him, each time, threw seven pebbles Uamara at Satan (this act is called ramy a/-jamarat) and took refuge in God. Thus, he successfully passed the test from God and God gaveIshmael back to him and gave him the Imamate reward by blessing him with “Ishmael”, and toldhim “I will give you a holy generation through Ishmael so that my rules would be executed on”.earth by themGenesis chapter 17 verse 21: And as for Ishmael, I have heard thee; behold, I have blessed him,and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and Iwill make him a great nation.This action is called Ramy aI-Jamarat and each year is implemented at the Muslim pilgrimage,the Hajj, as one of the principle rituals. Ali ibn Jafar said: I asked Imam Musa Kadhim (a.s), “Whyis Ramy al-Jamarat obligatory?” He answered: “Because the doomed Satan appeared in front ofAbraham in that spot and Abraham stoned him, therefore, this became a ritual in Hajj~” (B/har a/-Anwar, chapter 96. page 273)


The Background of Obe/isks

Jamarat means the place of aggregation of pebbles. Naming these columns (the locations whereSatan appeared) may have several reasons. One of the reasons is that these columns were foundon the spot which is the place of aggregation of pebbles (by Abraham). The second reason maylie behind the fact that these columns were made of pebbles and cement and therefore werecalled jamarat.Late Faze| Esfahani has written in the book ,, Kashf o/ Letham  on the interpretation of jamarat:”Jamara is a column that is found or it is the place of t h i s  co I umn. ” (Adapted from a newresearch about jamarat by Ayatollah Makarem Shiraz!)In this event of Rami al-Jamarat, in exactly the same three spots where Satan appeared beforeprophet Abraham, Muslims throw seven stones to accompany the messenger of Godsymbolically.

Rami al-Jamarat is considered a symbol of evil and throwing pebbles at the columns is known as”a symbol of hating and disgusting Satan as it is said in the prayer regarding the ritual: “ohAlmighty God, Keep Satan away from me!” (Adapted from the book: Vasael o-Shia). Time andcause of origin of these columns are unknown, but what is clearly known, is the very similarity ofthese jamarats to the Obelisks. Obelisks are a series of quadrilateral pyramid shapes and arecalled “the Devil column.”The important fact is the antiquity that this symbol has in human history, although it wasn tnamed Obelisk but it was named “BaaI”. The Holy Qur’an (Sura Safat, verse 125) reads: “Do youcall upon Baal and leave the Best Creator?” Here, it is clear that they had an idol known as “Baal”which they prostrated in front of it. Prophet Elias prevented them from such an ugly deed, andinvited them to the Great Creator of the world and pure monotheism. It is said that the goldenidol was so big that its length was 20 cubits and was four-sided, and his crew were over fourhundred people. (Adapted from the book Tafsire Nemoone):Elsewhere, in the book of the Torah (Old Testament, Kings, Chapter 17, verse 16), it readsAnd they left all the commandments of the LORD their God, and made them molten images,even two calves, and made a grove, and worshipped all the host of heaven, and served BaalBut we must search for the big examples of this symbol in Egypt’s religious centers and theKabalistic Pagan world. Obelisk was a symbol of fertility among Isis and Osiris, and as a result,Horus, the Sun god was born. On the other hand, it symbolizes the death and the dead worldbecause Osiris was the god of the dead world and revelation.Since Zionists, Satanists, and other such groups   root of faith is Kabala and since they holdEgypt as the origin of these teachings(they believe to Jebt and idolatrous), it led them to chooseObelisks as their main symbol because of its central role in Ancient Egypt.The importance of this column is so widespread that in recent centuries, hundreds of Obeliskswere built around the world, including in countries like America, Britain, Russia, Italy, Sweden,France, Scotland , Uruguay, Ireland, Pakistan, Singapore ,Argentina, Israel, New Zealand,Venezuela, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Philippines, Canada, North Korea,Turkey and most recently, Azerbaijan. The most famous Obelisk in the modern era, which is alsothe largest Obelisk in recorded history, is the Obelisk commemorating George Washington, firstAmerican president and a senior member of the Masonic Lobbies, that was built in the nineteenthcentury in America


Protection of the Devil Column

The idol Baal, which was worshiped by Pagans, is attacked each year in Hajj by pebbles withhatred by Muslims. Hence, upon the Wes t ern  domina t i on s  orders, an Israeli architect namedNorman Foster, with the cooperation of Al Saud (leader of the Wahhabi sect) and under thepretext of overcrowding, has built a wall around the columns of the devil to keep the pebblesfrom hitting it. And virtually, monotheistic ritual of Hajj in the world was stripped of this anti-Zionist and anti-Satan movement.This act was a declaration of a new war by the Satan worshipers and the pioneers of Satanism,specifically the Zionists.So it was necessary to act against this Satanist action. A group of young Iranians proceeded toburn this satanic symbol to show the world that “the devil’s plot is weak indeed.” And “there isno power except the power of God.”After this move, in the summer of 2011, an earthquake caused a crack and a three degree tilt tothe world’s largest Obelisk which is 169 meters and located in the famous city of WashingtonThis made Iranians very happy and made them stronger in this fight. It was as if God also had amessage for the worshippers of devil.

But really, why can t  everyone  dare to make such a move?


Iran, the Real Freedom

The fact is that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the leader of pure Islam, the main opponent ofZionism and its head, the terrorist state of Israel. One reason for this disagreement with Zionistsis that is has usurped the land of Palestine. Israel, with its crimes and atrocities in Palestine andother countries, is a clear example of human rights” violations.All these crimes are happening while the governments of Israel, America and England use theestablishment of peace and restoration of human rights in other countries as an excuse to invadeand exploit other countries.These governments, led by Israel, are the followers of Satan. They are using many differentways to try to spread Satan”s ideas in the world. This the main reason for Iran”s oppositionagainst Israel.In addition, many people around the world are not aware of the fact that these governments -especially Israel – have the advantage of being largely involved in the global media and bigmedia giants in the world and thus, can spread their satanic beliefs very easily.Nobody in any country dares to criticize them and if they ask any questions of such kind, theywill be ostracized. Among all countries, the governments and people of Iran, due to theirindependence from these governments and faith in the fact that their enemies are weak, standagainst oppression and tyranny, and accept the sanctions while relying on Allah. And they aresure that if they help Allah, He will help them and strengthen them. As a result of enduring ofthese sanctions, Iran is the only country that has the true meaning of freedom of expression.


Israelis and Obelisks

The Obelisk is actually the symbol of “New World Order”, the same one that was introduced byJewish and Zionist Rockefeller and later was used by Bush father and son, an event that theywanted to celebrate with overall propaganda campaign in 2012 and as usual, failed to do so andlagged behind the New World Order.That was what happened in 1980, but with the blessing of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, it waspostponed to another year such as 2000 and 2007 and 2012.What draws attention is the sanctity of Obelisks for governments like Israel, America andEngland.All the claims that Israel has on the land of Palestine and Jerusalem are based on religiousexcuses. They consider themselves Jews and the followers of Musa (AS) and want to cover up alltheir evil deeds using this theory, and that’s what the governments of Britain, America and SaudiArabia also follow.But how can a Jewish, Christian or Muslim who truly believes in his/her religion walk in the pathof Satan’s purposes, the same Satan that God has declared to be His enemy?


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