Ali Akbar Ibn Hussain (AS)

All Akbar ibn Hussain (AS)

Ali Akbar ibn Hussain was born on 11th of Shabaan 44 AH and he is Imam Hussain ibn Ali (AS) and Umm-e-Laila Son .

He was a handsome young man of eighteen. He was also a brave soldier. He had been taught fencing and archery by his half-uncle, Abbas ibn Ali.

Ali Akbar ibn Hussain resembled the Holy Islamic Prophet Muhammad so much that Hussain ibn Ali was often heard saying that whenever I remember the Holy Islamic Prophet Mohammed I always look at Akbar. On the morning of the day of Ashura, Ali Akbar ibn Hussain recited the Adhan. Hussain ibn Ali began to weep when Ali Akbar began his Adhan.

Ali Akbar fought very bravely.

Urnar ibn-e-Sa’ad ordered his soldiers to finish off the young man saying, “When he dies, Hussain will not want to live! Ali Akbar is the life of Hussain.

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