Prayer Comforts The Soul

True benediction (prayer) , a spiritual state in which the existence of man is drawn to God. With sincere prayer, fear, anxiety, and all our problems will be solved and we feel that we are one with God, and he has accepted us and he will see us whatever we do.

Prayer in Islam, is a recommended practice. An act of  “strong recommended” that all Muslims have had suggest on its recommendation. Holly Quran and Hadiths (the speech of our Imams), Muslims have to pray for the good of the actions and compliance of the Muslim prayer from God, it is regarded as absolute, and through hadith we see that:

“ pray to God the most popular things on the ground”

The requirement for prayer, as human beings need oxygen and water, and talk about the need for serious attention, because benediction and prayer as a continuation of the human psyche and the scope of his original position.

The benediction is like a biological activity, in the other words, as a physical-psychological normal action is essential for the growth of our final and it should not be worthy of the weak of spirit or financial property.

Belief in God and achieve to him, is not possible unless after recognition him, remember and companion him. We must appreciate of sorrow and joy and by praying, calm our heart.

Khalil Gibran has wrote about it, because you are distracted or in poverty, you pray. I wish you could pray at the height of joy and blessing, because prayer and praise are nothing but spread yourselves in infinite. And if it is for your mind that scattered darkness of sadness consolation. Also in celebration you should show that your heart efflorescence.

Most physical illness, has root in mental illness. When people have stress, their bodies are weak and it went to be vulnerable. Psychologists believe that mental illness, will be calm by remembering and calling the name of an infinite power. So with peace of mind and spirit, physical illness will be heal too.

Human beings are spiritual in the spiritual world, lives. It does not include certain aspects of spirituality and work and family life and all it takes. Spirituality is something beyond the mind and intellect. Spirituality encompasses human spirit. When we do something, we do that with our spirit not with our mind and intellect.

In families, religion and spirituality, show themselves in love each other and and expressed the moral improvement. Members in successful families try to show intellectual spirit in all aspects of daily life. Actually they believe in what they say and what they do.

In fact, prayer, is a knowledge of the human quest for continuity to the creative world of the invisible and the light of wisdom and guidance and the true savior. In general, real prayer, a spiritual state in which the existence of man is drawn to God. With a sincere prayer of fear, anxiety, and all our problems will be solved and we feel that we are one with God, and he has accepted us and we are in his presence.

Most of the time what God will want to satisfy ourselves. When we refugee to God, we think that we were forgiven. All of these conditions affect the human body and soul. Prayer let the brain work in the right. Repeating prayers and bringing out thoughts it makes the physiological changes and fight and win with Physical and mental diseases and disorders, including antidepressants and heart disease. Prayer is effective in improving conditions and by prayer and the presence we could save ourselves of costly medical treatments. Religion and worship is useful for health. Medical science around the world in this action by doctors in the study and research they have done on their patients, have come to the conclusion that the degree of faith in the treatment of mental and physical diseases have a great impact.

Grand Allameh Mohammad Taqi Jafari has said that; Of course pay attention to God at all times is very favorable, but the principle does not mean that we give up our efforts and activities and use it like material. This absurd illusion has refused specially in Islam and the foundation of the religion of Islam is وان لیس للا نسان الا ما سعی و ان سعیه سوف یری that does mean human is nothing but trying and he will see his result. This person is not truly pious theologian, the true pious theologian is someone who needs to know that God has made this world a place to work and let the instruments at the disposal of mankind. Second, the prayer to obtain the indirect means that in case of interruption, prayer is needed because it will not make the impossible possible. The prayer also indicate items that were not part of the information. And the command of Allah is that there are natural and direct means to pursue our goals.

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