Savior in Zoroastrianism

One of the oldest religions in the world is Zoroastrianism, which is believed to be older than Mithraism. According to some scholars, Mithraism also is a subset of Zoroastrianism.

Timeline in Zoroastrianism is divided into 4 periods of 3000 years, which totally makes 12000 years. Each 3000 years is allotted to something. The primary creation took place in the first 3000 years and the secondary creation resulted in the mundane world. In the third 3000 years, the world was invaded by the demons, evil and death. It was at the end of this period that Zoroaster was born. Finally, the last 3000 years belongs to the End Time. The End Time in turn is divided into 3 millenniums.

Ahura Mazda Supreme , Perspolis , IRAN _ SHIA DEFENDER
Ahura Mazda Supreme , Perspolis , IRAN _ SHIA DEFENDER

Each millennium has its own savior or promised one. Hoshidar is for the first millennium, “Hoshidar mah” for the second and “Estot ert or soshians or soshianet” for the last millennium.

Savior in Zoroastrianism

In the Zoroastrian original texts, especially in Avesta, the name of the savior in Zoroastrian is Soshians. Etymologically, this word is derived from the Pahlavi word “Su“, meaning benefit nor profit.

According to the teachings of this divine religion, the appearance era of “Soshians” is about 57 years which is accompanied by happiness, bliss, welfare and destruction of all of devils and evils, and the world will go through Revitalization.

The book of Zend says :

“A great victory will be achieved by the gods and the devils will be extinct and all power of the devils is limited to the earth and they have no place in the heavens .After the victory of the gods and extinction of the devils, the globe will achieve salvation  and humankind will be sit on the throne of happiness .

Zarathushtra - Zartusht - زرتشت -
Zarathushtra – Zartusht – زرتشت

Also the Book of Jamasp , written by a disciple of Zoroaster says :

“Soshians will promote the religion across the globe, eradicating the poverty, releasing the gods from devils and making the people Like-minded, like-discoursed and like-practicing”.

In another part of this book, it is quoted from Zoroaster that :

“A man will come from the lands of Arabs who will continue the faith of his ancestors and who will come with a great army to Iran and develop and build there and fill the earth with justice and equity. Soshians (the great savior) will promote the religion to the people of the world and eradicate the poverty, release the gods from devils and make people Like-minded, like-discoursed and like-practicing”.

And now the Zoroastrians around the world are waiting for and expecting the end time’s savior called Soshians or Soshianet .

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