West(USA) Media

West media activities are very important in changing the life style of their viewers at different aspects. The Life style changes will lead to the change of thinking or beliefs, and at the end will lead to the change of the way of thinking and basic religious beliefs of individual. Now we consider the effect of movies and TV series which are produced in west, especially in “Jewish Hollywood Company”, on changing the life style of viewers.

A media-cultural coup was started by Ashkenazi Jewish to annihilate other active film companies in early 20th century, and established the main Hollywood Companies.

They were aware of the importance of Cinema to expose and spread their beliefs; so they try to implant their ideas, beliefs, and thoughts through the camera frame to mesmerize their viewers by their movies. They want viewers to follow them to manage their minds in order to gain their mental structure. Since then people saw serious changes in the life value, such as type of wearing clothes, amusements, entertainments, relationships, foods, and family status in the world. These changes happened sometimes slowly and sometimes at high pace. During two or three decades all of the components of the life style were totally changed. People started a competition to adapt to the life style which cinema and Hollywood industry had introduced. They started a competition which had no winner, and they tried to overtake each other. In a research about the influence of Hollywood on the common people’s life, Linda S Jason, American writer, says: “when we compare Hollywood’s movies with real life in different aspects, we realize that Hollywood’s life interpretation, in its perfect condition, was totally altered, and it’s abnormal. Common people are attracted by the super stars and they are deceived, and they think that what they watch in the movies is the same as real life, this is the negative effect of Hollywood movies. Teenagers, depressed people, and psychotic adults are impressed easily by Hollywood’s life narration.

People are habituated to nudity, unethical deeds, violence, murder, and death. They don’t know that only in movies they can compensate using drug, murder, and finally death, while it could be the last episode of the real life. Hollywood alters the facts and shows inhuman behaviors in an appealing way to its viewers. Messages of Hollywood’s movies are often a lie. In fact Hollywood’s movies are made in order to gain money not to make life better and protect it. Hollywood’s movies can make you laugh or cry, or can make you mad or sad; but the fact factors are as rare as human and ethical factors.”

Nowadays Hollywood movies are very effective on people’s life style so that if the company is going to close, global American car sale will reduce to one-tenth, and American home appliances sale will reduce to one-sixteenth. On the other hand, new products of these companies are replaced with the former movies. Youth and families have a high tendency to follow these new movies all over the world. This issue not only makes a lot of money for the producers, but also influences more on mind and heart of viewers, gradually and deeply. Official and unofficial statistics show direct and indirect significant effect of porn movies or videos on increasing registered divorce rate. Besides, researches show that increasing emotional divorce and mental adultery are the effect and consequences of using satellite channels. Experts declare that such factors like high expectations, seeking diversity, simulating and comparing to movie characters, and etc are the prominent reasons of men and women dissatisfaction from each other. That is why they tend to mental or official divorce. By studying the West cinema in recent years, which has tried to show unconventional sexual relationship such as homosexuality propagation, incest, and even unconventional relationship of married women, we conclude if this procedure continues in this way, unfortunately we will encounter with a huge cultural breakdown in the near future.

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