Commence of Imam Mahdi (AS)

Commence of Imam Mahdi (pbuh)


Descent of The Excellency Mahdi (pbuh):

His grateful father was Imam Hassan Asgari (pbuh), 11th Imam of Shiites who was born in 232 AH (846 AC) in Medina and martyred in 260 AH (873 AC) in Samarra.

Imam Zaman[1]’s (pbuh) mother was Narjes Khatun[2] that from father side is Joshua’s daughter, the son of the Cesar, Byzantine Empire and from mother side it reverts to Simeon[3] one of the Jesus’ (pbuh) apostles that is transferred from Rome to Medina and then in Imam Hadi[4]’s house got acquainted to Islam Rules under supervision of Halimeh Khatun, the daughter of Imam Javad[5](pbuh). Then Imam Hadi (pbuh) gets her to marry Imam Asgari (pbuh) and accordingly this pious gentlewoman achieves to being Imam Mahdi’s mother. This respectful lady according to one quotation passed away in 261 AH (874 AC) and as another quotation one year after 11th Imam’s martyrdom. Her holy tomb is located at next to Imam Asgari’s shrine in Samarra.

The Excellency Mahdi’s (pbuh) Birth

Abbasid Caliph[6] were fully aware of the fact that soon in Ahl Al-Bait[7] ancestry a holy infant will open eyes to the world and is going to remove cruelty and corruption in mankind societies according to the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) quotations and Holy Imams (pbuh). Based on this the governor system at the time had been observing all Imams’ activities from Imam Javad (pbuh), even they had transferred Imam Hadi (pbuh) and his son i.e. Imam Asgari (pbuh) from Medina to Samarra to control their activities. These pressures got extreme in the era of the 11th Imam to disconnect the Excellency from his believers. The Abbasid governors again and again would put him away in custody and from time to time they would raid to his house probing everywhere to find any tracks from that promised infant. But Allah’s providence was placed on the event that this blessed infant to open his eye in the ancestry of Prophet hood and revelation despite disbeliever’s desire like this verse of Holy Quran that says:

“They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.”[8]

In the night of Shaban 15 255 AH (July 9 869 AC) while there were no sign in his graceful mother that promised Imam entered to this world. Thus in that harsh and full of terror circumstances the Allah’s promise came true and the twelve truly Imam enunciated the down of the inhumane with his birth.

Although the birth being hidden, Imam Asgari (pbuh) for complementing the ultimatum and preventing from subsequent diversions, informed his friends, relatives and special Shiites and he even showed his son to a few of them. For instance Ahmad Ibn Ishagh Ghomi one of the Shiite noblemen says: I came to Asgari’s (pbuh) and wanted to ask for his Excellency’s successor, when I came close to the Excellency without giving the time for my question he say:

Oh Ahmad, the omnipotent Allah since he created Adam has not left the earth without Hojat[9] and he will keep this unto resurrection. It is for Allah’s Hojat that disasters get far away from the earth inhabitants and affluences such as rain come down to them and the earth grants his bless and affluences to human being.

Is’hagh Ibn Ahman asked: Oh my Lord Who is the next Imam after you? Following this question Imam went into the interior part of the house. Then came out while toting a boy around 3 beautiful like full moon (unbelievable beautiful). At the time he told me:

“Oh Ahmad, If you were not respectful near omnipotent Allah and his Hojats I would not show you my son; Indeed he is Messenger of Allah’s namesake having the same sobriquet with the Prophet. He is the one who will make the earth full of justice and righteousness. His example between this people[10] is the example of Khizr[11] (pbuh)

I swear to Allah that soon he will get absent[12] and his absence period will get so elongated that most of people will get deceived into state of being misled and calamity. Only people whom Allah has granted them the success of persistence in Imamate[13]  will be saved.

Ahmad Ibn Is’hagh says: Oh my Lord! Is there any sign by which I get more heart certain? At this moment the beautiful and luminous boy said in a very articulate Arabic accent:

I am Baghiat Al-Allah[14] on the earth; who will take revenge from Allah’s enemies. Oh Ibn Is’hagh after your visit him himself do not search for another track and sign…”.

The Excellency Mahdi’s (pbuh) Imamate

It was previously mentioned that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Holy Imams (pbuh) have pointed to issue of Imam Mahdi’s Imamate by various statements and almost all required information about the birth quality, the life events and features of the Government of His Excellency had put up available for people. For instance in one case the Dear Prophet (PBUH) addressed Ali Ibn Abi Taleb[15] (pbuh):

“Imams after me are twelve of them you are the first and the last is our Ghaem[16] that Allah will opened the east and the west of the world by his hand.”

Or in another place he says:

“The ninth Imam[17] is my family’s Ghaem and Mahdi[18] of this Ummah[19]that in behavior, speech and performance is the most similar people to me. He will emerge after a long   occultation, confusion and wandering will spread the Allah’s religion and government all over the world. He will fill the earth with peace and justice as it will be already filled with injustice and inhumanity by continuing Allah’s helps and confirmations”.

Accordingly due to suffocating circumstances that Abbasid Caliph had created The Excellency Mahdi (pbuh) after birth began a period of semi hidden life. In this period ended to Imam Asgari’s martyrdom just very few of Shiites achieved his visit and after 11th Imam’s martyrdom, the Imam Mahdi’s (pbuh) Imamate began, a dangerous stage of life that is known as Occultation Era.

The issue of praying on the Holy body of Imam Asgari (pbuh) by The Excellency Mahdi (pbuh) got people illuminated and prevented from subsequent diversions on the issue of Imamate. This clarified the fact that after Imam Asgari (pbuh) his son will take on the position of Imamate. Therefore the dangerous scheme plotted by Abbasid Caliphate for elimination of Shiite doctrine basis was neutralized.

It should be known that agents of Abbasid kingdom intended to charge someone with praying on the body on behalf of the Caliph and on their futile imagination this can be an end to Imamate era and they can introduce the Abbasid usurper Caliph as Shiite Imamate inheritor; but despite all precautions they had taken, their plan did not worked. When the person of selected by the government got ready to pray, all of a sudden a child about 5 certainly and gracefully came close, put the person away and himself began praying. At the same time the regime’s agents were not able to little react with permission of Allah. In the end of pray before any movement by the agents he got hidden from the eyes and accordingly the Occultation Era commenced.

The commence of His Excellency’s Imamate got along with an occultation with Allah Providence and interest which is known as “Small Occultation[20]” and elongated until 329 AH (940 AC). After that a new stage of occultation which is known as “Big Occultation[21]” started and continues until now. This period is the hardest examination of people because linkage to Imam is not possible for everyone and also there is no assigned representative whom people refer to and ask their questions.

In description of this stretch of time there seen many statements saying about very dangerous seditions and temptations. Mankind in this era due to disrespecting   to authentic humane and divine values suffers from calamitous life even if apparently they are enjoying a beautifully designed, dressed and modern lifestyle. This means that although stomachs are full and the life is glamorous but sprits are anxious and wandering and missing righteous goal and philosophy of life has cause humans each to suffer from disappointment and void.

In principal Islamic culture to prevent this, under shadow of “The Tasks during Occultation Era” there have been offered a list of very important instructions by prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Holy Imams (pbuh). Respecting these instructions can cause to be protected from the danger of diversion, because not minding divine rules and missing steadiness in correct way of thinking and beliefs will end to being contaminated to the seditions of last times.


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