‏Fine speech of Muhammad (PBUH) about wisdom

In a part of a long hadith there is a quote saying: a famous priest, descendant of Judah -Jesus’s (PBUH) apostle- named Simeon -Ibn- Levi asked Muhammad (PBUH) lots of questions. And Muhammad (PBUH) answered them all although they were so many, finally he believed Muhammad (PBUH) and confirmed him. Now we mention one of them which is about wisdom.

Simeon asked:

what is wisdom and how is it? And explain its classification to me.

Muhammad (PBUH) said:

wisdom is something which prevents ignorance and the self is like the worst animals, if it is not prevented, then it will wander, so the wisdom controls ignorance. And after creation of wisdom, God said to it: come and it came and ordered it to get back and it got back. Then God said: swear to my Greatness, I did not create anything more valuable and obedient than wisdom. I start with you and end with you.  The reward and the penalty both belong to you. Then the wisdom  led to patience, patience  led to knowledge, knowledge  led to consciousness, Consciousness  led to probity, probity led to abstinence, abstinence  led to shame, shame  led to dignity, dignity  led to repetition of  goodness, repetition of goodness  led to  abhorrence of crime and it  led to sequacity.

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