Signs of the End Times

Signs of the End Times


Living in this century is at the most dangerous and strange times of all ages. The increasing end times vibe in the west, especially among Christians and Westerners, as well as the witnessing of devastating wars that have led to bloodshed, have caused an increasing worry, distress, suffering, and pain among people all over the world. And apparently none of the so called “powerful men” in the world have been able to find a solution. Even a glimpse of hope cannot be found in their books and among their theories, and no one has been able to put out the flame of this fire and plant hope in the heart of a hopeless person. Tears have blended with blood and have astounded the earth.

The world tired of injustice is in pursuit of utopia, and whoever can enlighten the flame of hope, has inclined the hearts towards himself and his beliefs.

Now with all the above, a few questions arise:

-Isn’t humanity’s tendency toward accepting the promised one imminent?

-Aren’t all these incidents enough to somehow prepare the world for the event?

-Isn’t the presence of all these difficult conditions enough to make people eager to know when and how the end of the world happens?

That is why we decided to analyze the opinions of politicians and priests about the prophecies of the bible about preparing for the arrival of Jesus.

Two thousand years ago on the hillside of a mountain outside of Jerusalem, a teacher reveals some secrets about the end of the world and of the arrival of a savior for his apostles.

“As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately “Tell us,” they said, “when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?”[1]

Jesus, in a mysterious way, made the humanity aware of the future events. Throughout all ages, rulers of the world and the religious people have wanted to decrypt the prophecies of the messengers and have tried to analyze them according to the recent events.

Nowadays more than ever, countless analyses are presented from the bible that affect the souls and hearts of millions of people. Humans today are bombarded with a large amount of information. Do all of these analyses accommodate with the bible? Have these accommodations with the prophecies always been right and flawless? Is it possible to look at these prophecies in another way? Perhaps we should take a step back.

When I take a look at the previous prophets that have come in the Old Testament and the prophecies that predict the Armageddon battle, I ask myself whether it is possible that our generation witnesses this battle.

“You have got to believe that these prophecies accommodate with periods of time that we are at the center of”, these are the words of the US president Ronald Reagan in AIPAC[2] in 1983. He says somewhere else that he asks God to allow him to push the trigger of nuclear missiles so that the Armageddon battle would start.

Before Ronald Reagan, Jimmy carter visited Israel in the march of 1979 and in his address to the Israel Knesset he said that America’s relationship with the people of Israel and the Jews is more than just a special relationship because it is rooted in the consciousness, morale, religion and the belief of the American people.

George Walker Bush stated after the 9/11 incident that we want to accomplish God’s will and destroy evil forces and the countries which go side by side with them.

In another speech he brings up the case of being God’s hand and introduces himself as the person who will prepare the arrival of messiah. He believed that he is one of God’s chosen ones and that he is accomplishing God’s will on earth.

All of these beliefs are influenced by the bible and its prophecies.

The most amazing part of this whole “doing God’s will” is using the most recent methods and forms of advertisement. The most recent teachings of protestant Christian missionaries are being spread by the most stylish and professional priests, although without “zunnar[3] and robe”. They talk with an eloquent expression and they quote the bible about the Second Coming of Jesus, and his love and healing of sick people, making thousands of people cry simultaneously.They manage widespread advertisements with the promise of the arrival of Jesus being imminent, and by holding mass prayers for the Armageddon battle to occur and for the evil creatures to be destroyed by the righteous armies.

It is interesting to know that these analyses of the prophecies are presented through 1550 radio and television channels. Eighty thousand priests, speakers, and missionaries with the help of 200 organizations and colleges, and a hundred thousand protestant students are all working day and night in this field.

Other notable statistics are evidence that many people are the audience of these shows:

Each day, 610 thousand families follow Jerry Falwell’s show through 160 stations. Also, in the year 1999, the New York Times paper printed the photo of “Luis Palau” on the first page as a social phenomenon. He has lectured for 12 million people in 67 countries all over the world.[4]

From the 80s, these missionaries suggested that a big incident will happen in the Levant region that would lead to a nuclear war. It was said that an army of the enemies of Jesus would move from Iraq and after crossing the Euphrates River, they would proceed to go to Jerusalem but the faithful army of Jesus would block them in their way and they would meet each other in a location called Armageddon. They believe that Christians should destroy the Babylon (Iraq) and the Euphrates River should be completely dried out in order to accelerate the coming of Jesus. A war will begin in Babylon, its king will be overthrown, and Babylon will be freed.

Everyone wants to know the analysis of this verse and is waiting for it to happen in Babylon. Pay attention to the analysis of this verse by the members of the Zionist Christian conference:

The details of this war was discussed in their annual meeting in 2002 in Canada. In this conference the prophecies of the Old Testament are exposed to discussion and then the members comment on these prophecies and try to accommodate them according to the recent events and incidents. The war that US started in Iraq was actually the outcome and result of these meetings and the interpretations of the prophecies in the Old Testament.

In the October of 1985(5 years after presenting these prophecies), a survey was released by the Telson Institute demonstrating that 61 million Americans are waiting for the incident of Armageddon to happen.

In 1984, 39% of Americans believed that earth will be destroyed by fire, and 13 years later in 1998, The Times magazine demonstrated that more than 51% of Americans believe that the human civilization will be destroyed in this century by an incident caused by humans and not nature.

Miss Grace Halsell in her book “Prophecy and Politics” shares her working experiences in the White House but aside from that, she explains that each time the United States National Security Council gather to decide their policy toward the Middle East, a representative will be invited from the evangelical church in order to make the decisions made by the council compatible with their (the evangelical) beliefs on the prophecies of the Old Testament and the new interpretations set by the evangelical church.

“Hal Lindsey” in his book “The Late, Great Planet Earth” maps the essentials for the occurrence of Armageddon as follows:

1-Creation of the Greater Israel

2-Return of the Jewish people from all over the world to the Promised Land

3-Rebuilding Solomon’s temple

4-Attack of a large number of infidels to Israel.

5-The rise of a great dictator worse than Hitler and Stalin.

6-Acceptance of the domination of this dictator

7-Converting of 144 thousand Jews to Christianity.

8-Occurrence of a nuclear war in Armageddon

9-Survival of the people who believe in the second coming of Jesus

10-Occurance of all these in a blink of an eye

11- Descendance of Jesus to earth after 7 days while the believers are gathered around him

12-The ruling of Jesus on earth with justice and peace for a thousand years until the day of judgment

In the march of 1981, in the New York Times magazine, it was quoted from “Jerry Falwell” that “Ronald Reagan” told him:

“Jerry, I have faith that we are going toward Armageddon very fast, what’s your opinion on this accommodation?”

Priest Hal Lindsey says that in the book of Revelation, John saw a locust which had a tail like a scorpion and its interpretation is that “Those are Cobra helicopters that spread nerve gas from their rears!!” and these are the same helicopters that Israel’s army used in bombardment of cities and camps in the West Bank, especially the camp of “Jenin”.

Lindsey, in his famous book “The Late, Great Planet Earth” also says:

“After the Jewish people form a nation, the countdown begins for the beginning of the signs mentioned in religious prophecies (the formation of Israel independently or as a sign, the occupation of Jerusalem, and then one of the expected signs, that is rebuilding the Solomon’s temple). Based on these prophecies, everyone around the world will pay close attention to the middle-east, especially around Israel. All nations will be distressed because of the things that are happening there. Now we will see how this will happen and how it accommodates with the prophecies as the incidents and events find their place in newspapers.

Many famous books have been written on the subject of Armageddon. In the late 90s, “Tom Hayes” wrote 4 books on the subject of the religious thriving of rebirthed Christians and it sold 3 thousand copies, and the “Publishers Weekly” magazine wrote that the book has gained audience even among atheists.[5]

Many books are written about the prophecies of the bible. They believes that 2500 prophecies have been cited. Eighty six percent of them has occurred and only 14 percent of them has remained until the second coming of Jesus.

Therefore, according to statistics and the course of studies in this article, it is becoming more and more obvious that Americans are becoming prepared for a great war. Something that all politicians and religious scholars agree on is the mentioned war and widespread blood-shedding, which is the result of their own propaganda.

Dr Jerome Shahin is the press secretary of the Middle East Council of Churches. In the October of 2003, he participated in a roundtable in the Al-Manar Television network and said:

“I must say that we are facing a new challenge in the interpretation of the bible and this challenge is rooted in Jewish insights from the Old Testament. The story is that we have two testaments, the old and the new. The new one, the Gospel, interprets the Old Testament and gives a clear interpretation of it; therefore, the New Testament is to unveil the mysteries of the Old Testament, not the other way around.”

According to the order that the messengers have come, the Old Testament can only be understood when its verses are compatible with the Gospel’s, and when the Gospel interprets it, and not the other way around.

This irrational bible study is a plot to distort the Gospel and misguide the Christians and this is the very Torah[6]-leaded Christianity that supports the Zionist Christians.

And before anything, these war declarations are first a war declaration against Christianity. And this was where Christianity leaned toward Zionism and they started to interpret Gospels according to Torah in a misleading way. And they revised the world by a distorted viewpoint inspired by Torah.

A viewpoint based on good and evil, where the good are Jews.

In the sermons given by “Jerry Falwell” , ”Tom Hayes”, and “John Hagee” to which I listened to, I never heard of the love of Jesus which surrounds the whole world, or the Sermon on the Mount. Falwell shouted: “Jesus is not a fool or stupid”. He and other Armageddon theologians imagine Jesus as a five star general who commands the armies of the world, which are armed with nuclear weapons to kill millions of believers.”

“John Dominic Crossan” says in his book “The Birth of Christianity”: “The main teachings of Jesus were to oppose violence.” He adds that Jesus taught us to have real faith in social equity and mentions it as one of God’s attributes in another one of his books, and rejects any viewpoint on God as a violent and vengeful being.

Do take a moment to ponder about this..

“Watch out that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. 6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed.”[7]

[1] Matthew 24:3

[2] America Israel Public affairs committee

[3] A long piece of cloth tied around the waist. It was used by Christians in old times so they would be distinguished from people with other religions.

[4] Forcing God’s hand, Grace Halsell, Page 12

[5] Forcing God’s hand, Grace Halsell, Page 24

[6] The Old Testament in Hebrew

[7] Matthew 24:4

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